Brevoort Properties
hale a'a
Clear Sky Viewing Site and Cabin on the Flanks of Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Located on the remote south coast of the Big Island of Hawaii is our remarkable viewing site. It is situated on the flanks of the Mauna Loa volcano, adjacent to Volcano National Park. At 5,000 ft we are above the tropical air layer by 10 p.m. Viewing extends as far south as the Tarantula nebula in the Magellanic Clouds. There is almost zero light pollution.

Our telescope is an optimized Newtonian 24" in F.4 on a computerized 1200 lb. mount. Normal viewing is .75 arc seconds and on exceptional nights .5.

A qualified expert will assist you with the night's viewing.

The small off-grid cabin, separate from the astronomy dome, has electricity, propane, hot and cold water, complete bath and kitchen, 2 bunks and a sleeping loft. From the front porch of the cabin your view extends to 30 miles of coastline and up 7,000 ft on Mauna Loa.

In Hawaiian, "hale" means house and "a'a" has two meanings: it the name of the bright star, Sirius, and also means "rough lava". Both of which describe our site.

Please note: Rental is temporarily suspended due to the volcanic activity at Kiluea. Please send an email to Peggy at and we will contact you on availability. Thank you.

hale a'a telescope dome
hale a'a inside telescope
hale a'a panorama